Spicy Prawn Jalapeno Pickle

 Spicy Prawn Jalapeno Pickle is one of the side dish for so many food items . It is little bit Spicy by the presence of Jalapeno and red chilly souse . If you want you can add pepper souse as well. This food is a long lasting food because by the presence of vinegar we can keep it more than three months .So it is very good for health and it will reduce cooking time . So we can check how to make this food . 

Coriander French Fried Rice

French Fried Rice is very good dish for the dinner and lunch .It is the complete food with  so many vegetables.It is very good for kids and women  .It will give more energy to men as well.It is a dish good for winter  and help to protect the body from cold climate

Sweet Cashew Lassi

Sweet Cashew Lassi is good drink in summer . It can retain energy with out any food . so it is a complete drink for all of them . Curd is the main component of the drink . We can check how to made it . 

Italian Mayo Macaroni Chicken Pasta Salad

It is an Italian dish , At the same time it is non spicy protein rich dish. People having the cholesterol also can eat it . so it is a complete diet  for a day . it is suitable as break fast . lunch and dinner   . We can check how we make it .

King Prawn Tacos With Garlic mayo

Prawn Tacos With Garlic mayo is good dish for the all condition . It is consider as a fish recipe with the flavor of garlic . Normally Taco is one of the popular food in USA and CANADA. And it is a complete food for kids as well . Kids like more bu the unique taste . So we can cook for our kids . We can check how we we made it . 

Cashew Coated Battered Chicken

Cashew Coated Battered Chicken is a kind of delicious chicken dish . It is a kind of chicken fry , you can eat with chips or other any toppings . The layer of cashew coat make a additional taste and nutrition. So it is a complete food without any toppings. We can check how we can make this.