how to make home made Spaghetti Bolognaise in nut meg flavor

                       Spaghetti Bolognaise is very popular Australian food. It is less spicy and less fatty . BUt if you want you can add different spices  .The people from newzland and Australia like this very well . it is popular in Europe and  USA. .It is easy food for the kids as well . we can save the time and increase the nutrition by preparing it in your home . I suggest it for Australian and USA women . just try it we can check how to make Spaghetti Bolognaise 

How to make home made Sweet kiwis Pavlova

                                                   Sweet kiwis Pavlova is one of the  most popular sweet cream dessert  in New Zealand and Australia . it is is sweet dessert for the kids as well . It is consider as the national food of New Zealand . normally people consider it is a very difficult dish to prepare . But in my opinion it is easy dessert to take one one or one and half our for the preparation . So we can check the preparation

Hot Chilaquiles

                        it is a kind of Mexican food , that has the popularity in America as well . corn tortillas is the main content of it . it is very much good for the health . and all the preparations are done through corn oil . so it is tasty food. but it is little bit hot by the presence of chilly . 


                                                            Ginger tapioca is a traditional south Indian dish . normally it is a kind of spicy food but we can make it non spicy as well . It is kind of food normally available in Kerala, Thamilnadu . Here as a chef i can tell some good pints about this food . first of all i can tell it is one of the good food to reduce the constipation. Tapioca is kind of root and it is a rich content of starch . it is good for sleep as well .it is available in most of the part of the world . In London Morrison sell it . In USA you can find in vegetable market  . 
                                                           In India it is a common food , when we mix it with Ginger paste , it can produce a nice flavor . that is attraction of it . you can eat it with fish and chicken . the bacon is also a good friend of it . so we can check the preparation .