Sweet Cashew Lassi

Sweet Cashew Lassi is good drink in summer . It can retain energy with out any food . so it is a complete drink for all of them . Curd is the main component of the drink . We can check how to made it . 

Italian Mayo Macaroni Chicken Pasta Salad

It is an Italian dish , At the same time it is non spicy protein rich dish. People having the cholesterol also can eat it . so it is a complete diet  for a day . it is suitable as break fast . lunch and dinner   . We can check how we make it .

King Prawn Tacos With Garlic mayo

Prawn Tacos With Garlic mayo is good dish for the all condition . It is consider as a fish recipe with the flavor of garlic . Normally Taco is one of the popular food in USA and CANADA. And it is a complete food for kids as well . Kids like more bu the unique taste . So we can cook for our kids . We can check how we we made it .